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Our Services

Script Writing

We specialize in crafting outstanding stories for your collections, exhibitions, and sites. Working in collaboration with your content team, we aid in the selection of objects or themes featured, identify relevant voices, provide interview transcription services and produce draft scripts for review and revision. We will help make your script sound conversational and engaging, which is key to the overall enjoyment and memory of the tour by your visitors.

Script Polish

If you already have a script, but you want it to be written for audio, since there is a difference in writing for reading versus for hearing, we can help you with that. We can turn your script from being static to being engaging and memorable when read by a professional narrator, staff member or other relevant voice. There are many tricks that our writers use in capturing the attention of your visitors by taking out the formality associated with reading, and making the tour more of a conversation piece.

Script Translation

We will oversee all aspects of script translation in any language and review by native speakers based on your organization’s visitor profile.

Audio Production

The audio production process may include:

  • Selecting professional narrators and character actors as needed (approved by client)
  • Selecting appropriate music and sound effects to bring an emotional appeal to the recordings and help visualize the mood (approved by client)
  • Conducting interviews with staff, artists and scholars, community voices, teen voices, etc.
  • Editing client’s archival audio or re-enactment of archival audio into tour recordings, including licensing
  • Sound design –we work with a professional team of sound designers to edit, mix, master, and polish all recordings.

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Our dedicated team will help craft exceptional stories,
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Let the audio tour become its own exhibition.

We will help you find those forgotten and untold stories, which will add another layer of meaning to your visitors.

Types Of Tours

Adult & Family Tours

We can write and produce tours and podcasts for adults, teens, and family audiences. We can incorporate into these tours, subject matters, themes, or interests that visitors select, each leading to a unique tour route and experience.

Games & Scavenger Hunt Tours

We can help develop games for your audiences to keep them engaged during their visit. All games to include an interactive and engaging component, which can be combined with any other program offered at the site. Examples of games include a scavenger hunt within the tour with the possibility of getting a reward in your gift shop or other venue, tours that include multiple choice, True/False, and tours that allow visitors to curate their own journey and experience.

It has been proven that adults enjoy scavenger hunts and other types of interactive tours just as much as children (especially if offered at events).

Foreign Language Tours

In addition to translating new and existing tour content, we can produce tours in multiple languages using native speaking voices to meet your foreign visitor needs.

Accessible Tours

Our team of writers are adept at crafting immersive listening experiences for a variety of audience needs in compliance with ADA standards, including: guided audio/visual description tours for the blind and partially sighted; American Sign Language (ASL) tours for the deaf and hearing impaired; low-sensory tours for individuals with learning differences and those on the autism spectrum; and interactive tours for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and their care-givers.

Audio Tours vs. Multimedia Tours

Audio Tours

Audio tours have been around for decades and will continue being an effective form of interpreting your exhibits because of the power that audio holds. Because the tour is heard by the ear, the visitor is free to enjoy your exhibits. The power that audio holds is extraordinary because of the various sounds that come together and tell your story, creating an emotional experience and connection. 

With carefully placed music and sound effects, audio tours are effective at setting the mood and transporting the visitor to your story. An effective audio tour involves an engaging script, carefully selected narrators and any character actors or subject experts, music, sound effects, audio engineering, and a creative tone and style that all come together. 

Multimedia Tours

Multimedia tours start with audio, but go a lot further by incorporating media assets such as videos, images, and text to address accessibility. Having a multimedia tour provides a richer media experience to your visitors and allows the institution to incorporate offerings that will help visitors navigate the site, access maps, floorplans, exits, gift shops, and provide a prolonged and engaging visitor experience.

Offering a multimedia tour can help an institution address many areas such as foreign visitors, meet accessibility needs, wayfinding, membership, online collections, and more. Offering an American Sign Language (ASL) tour or an Audio Described Tour helps the institution ensure that access is made to the visually and hearing impaired communities.

All our projects bring together the following areas of expertise

Creative Direction

Voice Over Narrators

Script Writers

Character Actors

Recording Studio


Sound Engineers

Project Management