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We believe that creating meaningful audio experiences requires talking about the ideas and issues that matter to contemporary, informed listeners.

Our Story

Fed up Museum professionals who don’t like the audio tours we hear at cultural institutions. It’s time to change the template and bring diverse perspectives and voices to the conversation. We believe that creating meaningful audio experiences requires talking about the ideas and issues that matter to contemporary, informed listeners.

The script for audio (heard by the ear) varies from a script meant for reading. Writing a script for audio needs to be conversational and sound natural. There needs to be smaller words and simpler sentences, and less formality. There are several tricks to making an audio tour memorable and engaging. This is something some Museum professionals may not realize, and we can help you with this. In some cases, the script needs fresh eyes.

Museums need to act more as innovators because they have to realize that they influence their visitors, consisting of different demographics who all come as one for a similar purpose – to be cultured, to be inspired, and to leave with learning more than when they came in. If content is boring, or text book written, nothing will be remembered! How much of your high school exams do you remember? If we had to guess… not much!

Our Goal

We want the Museum experience to be fun and engaging, and get rid of the stigma associated with Museums, to get rid of phrases such as “Museum fatigue.” You don’t need to discuss every object, instead, focus on what stands out, what has a great story to be told.

That’s where we come in to help. The visitor needs to  make their own judgement about the artwork or artifact, and leave with more of a connection to what they have seen than before. Questioning or discussing objects in a unique or unprecedented way opens the door for more discussion and critique, which creates buzz.

Instead of telling your visitors the institutional perspective, which usually is a single perspective, we want to challenge the way content is interpreted by highlighting different perspectives and voices on the same subject. Why not tell the visitor the multiple sides to the story, and let them have their own opinion about what makes sense and what they see as the “truth?”

Today, Museum’s role in society is being questioned. What purpose does a Museum serve in society? Although we don’t have a concrete definition established, one thing is certain. Museums have a moral obligation to act as activists, whose mission is to get rid of fake news and propaganda, since Museums are one of the few institutions where society trusts its information.

Museums should use their position in society to combat the spread of misinformation and to foreground all sides of the story.

Our Vision

To bring increased attendance to museums and cultural sites by showcasing them as not just rigid, white ivory tower, hierarchical spaces , but somewhere that opens the door to different perspectives and communities. In this current day, we are being taught that it’s not okay to just standby and do nothing, or give meaningless statements that do nothing to help the cause. Instead, we should act, speak up, and express our opinion about what we see as being wrong.

We all have an obligation to bring forth differing perspectives, even if it entails a rejection by funders and donors. Instead, let’s bring forth different views and let the visitor taking the tour decide on what they see as the truth.

Through content, we are challenging the past and setting a new precedence for the future.

Focus on your permanent gallery

There is unlimited potential on the stories you can tell, since each visit will feel like a new tour experience based on the journey or tour selection chosen.
This allows you to meet the needs of repeat visitors,
even if there isn’t a new major exhibition.

It all begins with an idea.

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