Audio Tours Redefined.

Story Pursuit helps cultural sites by using creative storytelling techniques to create unique and engaging audio experiences that will be remembered by all audiences. We want to bring differing perspectives, voices and allow the visitor to be in control of the audio journey.

What We Do

Creative storytelling techniques with multiple perspectives and voices where the visitor is in control of the audio experience.

How We Do It

Each project we take on includes brainstorming, consultation, and start to finish client support.


From script writing, to script polish, translations, and full audio production, we take care of it all.

Types of Tours

We create audio and multimedia tours for adult and family tours, foreign language tours, games and scavenger hunt tours, and accessible tours for the blind and visually impaired.

Let us take your visitors on an audio journey
where they are in control

We can help turn your static audio tour into a ‘choose your own adventure’ journey, where visitors control the journey based on their own interests, perspectives, or emotional responses to themes

It all begins with an idea.

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Contact us for a free consultation
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